It’s just not cricket!

The theme of the day is to Inform, Educate and Entertain

We hope to engage with EVERYONE. Did I hear you say “I don’t like cricket”?

Jackie MorrisonJeneve MitchellNatasha Gittens

Home craft & upholstery – Stop by and see Jackie Morrison for ideas of how to turn your tired , distress home furniture into something new.

Note the ideas are hers, not all may be original but the samples on display are her own creation and are part of a range of service which Jackie can provide.

These services are not restricted to your residential home. Are you a landlord, hotelier, property developer?

If you are interested in staging and presentation; Jackie can be of service.

At a price…

You may also be interested in Jackie’s photography services. Visit her website at

Samples Of Jackie’s Work

Are you concerned about your health and wellbeing? – stop-by and see Jeneve Mitchell nutrition, health, and wellness Arbonne consultant; in her spare time, a hobbyist (baker, confectioner, decorator, and glacier)

No! Jeneve does not work with a paintbrush, dust sheets or double cavity filled glass.

See it for yourself – she has Cups of Love…

Remember a cupcake is meant to be for one person. Make cups of love the one for you.

By the way Ms. Mitchell is a professional in the education sector. She is exemplary of someone with entrepreneurial flare.

Inform – Some people may not be aware of the aims and objectives of the African Caribbean Cricket Association (ACCA).

Educate – What is emancipation, why do we want to celebrate or remember this day.

Entertain – Fun games for children, a cricket match intended to showcase some of the aspiring youth who are being encouraged to embrace cricket and act as a power of influence amongst their peers. Music! Paid bar..