1) Publicise our aims and objectives, to affiliate clubs, through meetings, mail shots of various forms and the distribution of our minutes.

2) Aggressively develop outreach approaches to African Caribbean cricket clubs, inviting them to become affiliated to ACCA.

3) Solicit Invitations to African Caribbean Cricket Clubs’ annual general meetings or meet with their committee or designated committee members to inform and engage them in our aims and objectives.

4) Discuss and identify with clubs their developmental needs and devise a strategy to attract African Caribbean personnel of various ages and qualification.

5) Devise a standard formula of our objectives that can be imparted to the respective African Caribbean cricket clubs by representatives of ACCA.

6) Inform them of access procedures to funding, training, partnerships and mentoring schemes that can aid them in these endeavours.

7) Devise plans and strategies in an attempt to persuade African Caribbean cricket to amalgamate their administrative and practical resources without necessarily surrendering their existing identity or finances.

8) Identify with affiliated clubs, reasons, and opportunities for them to acquire home grounds and assist and support them in such undertakings. (Cost-benefit analysis exercise)


9) Join efforts with that of other bodies’ initiatives, international and local, such as Surrey County Cricket Club’s Chance to Shine League and the Lord Taverners City Cup Competition. (Seek to become involved existing accredited initiatives; which includes ensuring that your club is club mark accredited; if it has a junior section)

10) Enlist the support of celebrity personnel to launch and promote African Caribbean Cricket Development Awareness and Participation Day, at local clubs during the cricket season in order to promote their recruitment and ACCCG’s aims.

11) Set up and become the reference site to which all clubs can post their events attracting universal support and attention.

12) Encourage local clubs to align themselves with local African Caribbean football teams in order to pool resources as well as safeguarding the African Caribbean community and create the opportunity to broaden the membership base.

13) Create an African Caribbean cricket league to ensure and promote unity and joint enterprise among representative African Caribbean cricket clubs. The final may be hosted at a County ground or a local Cub.

14) In a similar vein, arrange amalgamated memorial cricket games commemoration cricketing and non-cricketer deceased, while inviting bereaved families’ sponsorship of awards and goods in kind.

15) Encourage clubs affiliation to Surrey and other local Counties which confer representation and voting rights amongst other rights and benefits. (Affiliation to their respective county cricket board, while the ACCCG seek to obtain a group affiliation)

16) Facilitate local club nominees to access formal cricket coaching, umpire training, and certification which may have the additional benefit of keeping retired former players and non-players who can add value involved with the sport and/or promoting ACCA’s endeavours.

17) Facilitate and encourage CBR checks (Now enhanced certificate issued by the Disclosure and Barring Service DBS)


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