African Caribbean Cricket Association (ACCA) is a non-incorporated association of African & Caribbean centric people that intend to work in partnership with the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), County cricket boards, the Club Cricket Conference and ACCA affiliated member clubs.

Initially, the remit will include the counties of Surrey, Middlesex, Kent, and Essex. Additional regional Counties and their cricket boards will be encouraged to join as the association attains the capability to extend its scope.

The ACCA will be organised with the purpose of supporting its members in their personnel, revenue, and infrastructural development. There will be a strong emphasis on engaging with young people, particularly of African Caribbean heritage and their families, to encourage wider participation in cricket as a recreational pursuit.

Those individuals with aspirations of participation in cricket as a player, coach, or administrator beyond the recreational level will be encouraged and supported to engage in quality accredited training programmes as dictated by the ECB’s development pathway.

In order to restore the community’s interest in cricket to its former level, some skills and succession planning will be imparted through mentorship.