Surrey V Somerset 2019-08-27

Surrey V Somerset 2019-08-27

It was a pleasant evening. A number of the group’s ticket-holders failed to show up. Having got inside the stadium, after waiting for a few people who for some reason neither received their ticket via email nor WhatsApp to arrive.

One member of the party found time to sleep for more than two overs during the Somerset inning. At that stage, they were 60 plus without loss.

When he eventually awoke they were 93-4. When Surrey started their reply, everyone was refreshed with food and drinks provided by Messrs. Duncan and Noel. Some even went to buy ‘chips ???’.

There was no opportunity to fall asleep as Aaron Finch and Stoneman set about, replying to Somerset’s par total of 158/9 off 20. In contrast to the two sixes scored in the entire Somerset inning, it began raining sixes after the 13th ball of the Surrey inning. Aaron Finch plundered 9 sixes.

See the full scorecard here

Derek Gift-Simms

African Caribbean Cricket Association, Administrator.

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  1. I felt sound levels were pitched (sorry, no pun intended) perfectly and I had no issues at all……………..!

    It’s such a shame that so many of our group did not turn up, as I know other people would have loved to attend but were unable to obtain tickets. This really should be addressed for the next time.

    However, albeit our group was small, it was great to see friends and newcomers who managed to make it and enjoying the evening. This was my second year and overall the evening itself was great, so looking forward to the next one!

    Marcia aka Lady Harewood

  2. Hugh Griffith, I am so sorry to miss such an entertaining match I been to Sutton in the afternoon to see my son in the rehab home I left down there at and got stuck on the m25 for 3hrs and25 minutes and never got moving until 7.50pm after that I went home plus my phone run out of charge.

  3. What a great game, full of excitement.

  4. I found the audio quality and sound levels while the game was going on to be too low and not at good quality. I also found that the sound levels of the music while there was no game being played to be too high making it difficult for people to communicate.

    I believe the sound recording level should be monitored for quality and levels on match days with such a large crowd, and adjustments made to ascertain the correct levels which are comfortable during play as commentary and non-playing times for general background music. This generally spoils the experience of avid cricket lovers and like me who like to listen to the commentary simultaneously with the visual element. I was sitting in block 7 in the OCS stand. It may be a different experience elsewhere in the stadium.

    On my next visit to a T20 match at the Kia Oval. I intend to buy a ticket in a “posh area” (subject to affordability).

    Assuming my comments are appreciated and valued. I may never have a similar experience as this issue may be addressed by then.

  5. It’s was a lovely evening, I will be sharing pictures soon.

    1. Hi D the evening was exciting I thought, I had forgotten how to cheer and enjoy a good cricket match.
      Magnificent game and victory for Surrey.
      T20 the best.

  6. Hi,
    So sorry. I did have to miss it, unfortunately, due to family reasons and it was too late for me to organise for someone else to use the ticket.

    1. Hi Marcia, your comment has been posted here

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