Anyone But England
Author: Mike Marqusee Publisher: Two Heads Publish: 1994 ISBN: ISBN 1 897850-43-3 Buy Now

Since its first publication in 1994, Anyone But England has established itself as a classic of modern sports writing and a ground-breaking analysis of the origins and development of English cricket.
Its wit and originality were praised even by critics who were appalled at the author’s indictment of the English establishment. Subsequent events have confirmed the author’s warnings about the depth of England’s cricket crisis and the radical measures needed to address it.

Marqusee’s irreverence, democratic vision, and scepticism towards the free market continue to mark him out as a unique voice in the world of cricket.

This new edition has been revised, corrected and explained by the author and includes an extra chapter dealing with the infamous Henderson affair, the MacLaurin report and what Marqusee sees as the continuing crisis in English cricket.