African Caribbean Cricket Association (ACCA) is an association of African Caribbean centric cricket clubs in partnership with the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), County cricket boards and Club Cricket Conference amongst other stakeholders across Surrey, Middlesex, Kent, Essex, other regional boards and Counties, organised with the aim of supporting its members in their personnel, revenue and infrastructural development, in order to engage young people, particularly of African Caribbean heritage and their families, to participate in cricket from a recreational pursuit through to professional levels, by engaging on quality coaching programmes and mentorship and define pathways, so as to regenerate this community’s interest in cricket to its once former level.

The aims of the association are to:

i) Develop African Caribbean Cricket Association to become a supporting umbrella association, to affiliated cricket clubs within the African Caribbean community, encouraging and assisting, them in their structural and financial development.

ii) Encourage and support the African Caribbean cricketing community to regenerate an interest in playing and supporting cricket in all formats and levels of the game.

iii) Engage and develop the interest and skills of African Caribbean youths of various ages and genders, to participate in playing and supporting cricket at all levels and in all format of the game.

iv) Explore and develop cricketing pathways and opportunities, for selected individuals of African Caribbean heritage, to benefit from formal and informal coaching, trials and engagements by cricket clubs at local, county and where possible the national levels.