Our mission is to inspire UK residents of African and Caribbean heritage to play and to excel at cricket and to obtain the necessary skills, knowledge and accreditation to enable them to promote succession and be involved in coaching and administration from grassroots to the highest level.

ACCA (African Caribbean Cricket Association) will uphold and promote the spirit of cricket and its values of transparency, inclusiveness and fairness.

Over the years questions have been asked by cricket lovers in England and outside of these islands about growing absence of African Caribbean cricketers on the field of play and the missing Black fans at cricket grounds, especially at international matches.

The numbers of African Caribbean people participating in the noble game of cricket have dropped dramatically since our most recent arrival in the United Kingdom in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s.

Today young people of African Caribbean heritage show scant interest in the game. Since most of us (parents and grand parents) of Caribbean heritage were weaned on the beautiful game of cricket we assumed that our children and grand children would follow the same route into becoming involved in the game. Unfortunately our assumptions are wrong. We somehow forget that we are living in quite a different environment and culture to that of the Caribbean. Consequently we have failed our young people by not introducing them to the game.

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In an effort to rectify the problem a group of cricket lovers called the African Caribbean Cricket Association has evolved following a meeting in March, 2013 organized by the International Cricket Council (ICC) in conjunction with the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) to promote the 2013 ICC World Cup matches among the African Caribbean communities.

The African Caribbean Cricket Association is working towards re-invigorating the love for the game of cricket within the older element of the African Caribbean communities and introducing the game to the young people of those communities.

The ACCA is seeking the help and assistance of people who are interested in re-vitalizing the game of cricket in the African Caribbean communities in general and among the young people in particular.

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